I wote this about me, but it's for everyone.

Lately I have had a lot of physical pain to deal with and it seems to have reached a particular threshold.

Because I have dyskinesia ("disco" arms and legs) I am rarely still and that puts stress on my muscles and infrastructure ...In particular my right shoulder and lower back (pinched disc- yes I have seen a specialist) has been so sore that I cannot sleep without sleeping pills.  My right foot aches from constantly 'rolling under' & I seem to live on a diet of panadol and ibruprofen.  I even notice if I miss my pain relief almost as much as if I miss my sinamet (dopamine).

But talking about pain is difficult -and at best boring. (sorry Kate).  I mean how do you describe it?  Do you scale it?  Isn't it also about the tenure? We all know about cuts and bruises and the healing process, but a constant pain can become overwhelmingly debilitating.

In some respect it's easier to tell someone that your experiencing mental pain (e.g. sadness, frustration or lack of motivation) than saying I've got a sore shoulder, and back - and foot (yawn).

Anyway I wrote this on Monday for me, but I think it's going to be for you too -

- whatever kind of pain you have, have had or will have.

Kia Kaha. (be strong, stand tall)


Andy McDowell

World of Pain


Pain is personal,


No body else feels mine

– not that I want them to.


I wouldn’t wish that


Nor would I depart from it

-       entirely anyway


Deep down

It is forming, teaching me


Shaping us how to be

 But still

- it hurts