What to call a drawing...

Last Monday I went into Ubertec to drop off my Mac for repair.

To my dismay the girl behind the counter handed me a form to fill out. However rather than my usual struggle to write* I swallowed my pride asked if she would mind writing it for me - as I have Parkinson's.

She happily and gracefully did this for me.

This morning I was helping the girls to draw (thanks for the amazing books Jules) and I discovered that I could still draw. Well not too badly anyway.  I figure if I can't zig too well at least I can still zag.

What shall we call him?  Favourite suggestions : WAG, UBER, ZIG, ZAG

I like ZIG!

* My handwriting is appalling as I have what they call micrographia.. yep my handwriting gets smaller and smaller as I go across the page.