This is tough to write about.  Because it is about my ego, as in what I look like to the outside world.

In 2012 "Parky" brought along his mate "Mr Grumpy" to visit our place one day.  I didn't like the look of him asked him to leave but he prove himself to be quite persistent and he's now taken a lease out on my face.  The medical term is facial masking, but what that looks like is that I'm not paying attention or are not interested in whatever you are saying to me.  Instead of a wry smile, raised eyebrows, encouraging nods and other signals that I am engaged in our conversation you are met with a blank, neutral face. Or worse a frown and a hard stare. (Bet you didn't know that people with Parkinson's have a much slower blink rate)

It's further complicated by the fact that it is influenced by my medication and when I last took it.  So at 7.00pm I can be laughing and expressive, yet by 9.00 my face is no longer telling the real story.  How do you explain that weirdness? 



It's going to be great for poker, but Mr Grumpy makes socialising and working (and walking down the street) difficult. It's amazing how much you use your face to "chat"

So if you see me in bar scowling at the world- come up and help me kick Mr Grumpy out on his ear. After all he's just a facade.