musings on snoozings

The latest in the Jason Bourne series is about to come out - can't wait.

As most of you know Parkinson’s disease is no longer regarded as simply a brain-centered motor disorder—involving the classic motor symptoms of tremor, rigidity, and bradykinesia, BUT is no regarded as a complex whole body malady incorporating a multitude of debilitating non-motor symptoms as well.

Among the non motor  impacts is the high prevalence of sleep disorders among people with Parkinson’s (PwP). Including REM behavioral sleep disorder, (see Smash 'em Bro post) excessive daytime sleepiness ( bit like narcolepsy), restless leg syndrome, insomnia,

I have, to a mild degree, experienced all of the above although much of my sleep is disturbed by pain (hips shouldres and lower back).

So when I see a new Bourne movie come up I am cast back to Robert Ludlums original book written in that incessant, repetitive style and the phrase that the shell shocked, PTSD suffering (memory) lost young assasin kept repeating to himself "Rest is a weapon"

Long way to justify a siesta eh? zzzzzzzzzzz