Lessons whilst dog walking


Verb[edit]. walk the talk. (idiomatic, US) To perform actions consistent with one's claims.

The other day I was walking the dog when I bumped into’ Treaty Trish’ (so called by the local community for the large bag of treats she carries and dispenses to any dog who sits politely and waits).  Anyway Trish, who is a delightful old soul, walked with me for a bit, and then asked me about my Parkinson’s.

I gave her the usual patter.... multi-system, degenerative brain disorder that affects movement, mood, digestion, sight etc.  And how it’s different for everyone at different times of the day depending on the effiicacy of drugs, my DBS unit & the ON/OFF phenomena blah blah.

As I chatted I’d grind, nearly to a halt. Then as I stopped talking, my stride would lengthen and we would recommence our ambulation. After a couple of loops of this I pointed it out to her as a classic symptom of the problem my brain has with dual tasking. The simple act of engaging the thinking/talking part of my brain was/is affecting the walking part.