If there is one thing that PD has taught me, it is the value of having a 'Plan B'.

A decade ago 'Plan A' was getting married and having children.

Then I got 'smaller' and my Parkinsons diagnosis in 2008 caused more than a few adjustments.

'Plan B' became about living well with PD.

Five years later neurosurgery was recommended and deep brain stimulation (DBS) forced another rethink.

'Plan B' then became about living 'bigger' after brain surgery.

The latest iteration of 'Plan A' was my participation in the 10 Mountains in 10 Years Project involving a trip to Peru to complete the 4 day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  However six weeks prior to leaving for Peru the wheels well and truly fell off my training schedule and it became apparent that my goal was too big.

So my 'Plan B' was to walk Day 1 (11 kms, 6 hours) with the rest of the team.  The following day I retraced my steps and we then re-joined the team at Macchu Pichu.

A decade ago I would've regarded this as a #massivefail but today I'm just incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to Peru, meet the amazing 10Mx10Y crew and have had this experience.