It's the little things....



1. My smile is back. That may sound weird but one of the symptoms of Parkinsons is facial masking. Before DBS the right side of my face refused to co-operate when i smiled and generally I looked permanently grumpy when oft I wasn't. So one of the most immediate and discernible differences post surgery is that my face has unfrozen. Welcome back smile I missed you.

2. Hand speed and Finger co-ordination. Pre surgery I tied laces up like a 4 year old. Overnight it's at a more age-appropriate speed. My typing is better than 2 fingers (- not much better but I never was a typist) and generally my arms are less rigid.

3. Shaking(dyskinesia). I never shook much (having more rigidity type symptons) but i feel much more stable and upright. I literally feel taller! And my twitching is much reduced and under control. Driving should be safer anyway

4. Medications CUT IN HALF. We are still testing the DBS settings but within 2 days of it being turned on my meds have been reduced by a huge amount. This should result in less side effects.

They may seem like small things but they add up to a whole lotta good.
DBS has definitely been worth the wait.

It's not a cure but its a bloody good thing!!

Have a great weekend everyone.